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    Porta-Potty Rental for your Event near Jeffersonville & New Albany Indiana

    Jeffersonville Porta-Potty Service is a great choice for friendly employees, affordable rentals , and dependable porta-potty rental service for your needs in the Kentuckiana area of Jeffersonville, New Albany, and Louisville. We are happy to supply our customers with porta-potties, mobile restroom trailers, handwashing stations, and luxury portable restrooms for the following events such as these:

    • weddings & wedding receptions
    • graduation parties
    • birthday parties
    • corporate events & functions
    • fundraisers and charitable events
    • government or municipal events
    • fairs, carnivals, & parades
    • outdoor sporting or race events (bike, 10K, marathon, biathlon, triathlon, soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse)
    • construction or agricultural sites

    We are proud to provide clean toilets, water for keeping your hands clean, and good hygiene at all types of events. It is very important to us to serve our customers well and the reason why work in the Jeffersonville, Indiana community to provide a porta-potty service. Our sanitation work and services may not be the most visible part of event planning but you could have lots of unhappy guests without us. Let us work with you to make your event a success!

    All rentals are delivered in absolutely sparkling clean condition so that our guests can get return to your event with no concerns. We sanitize using the highest standards for cleaning, disinfecting, and providing a pleasant smelling experience.

    If you are a contractor or homeowner arranging for a jobsite or remodel, as you order your tools, dumpster rental and other preparations – don’t forget your portajohn!

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    What Other Names are Porta-Potties called?

    Porta-potties are known by several other names so that can make searching for them for your Jeffersonville wedding, New Albany party, Louisville fundraiser, Clark County construction site, or Jefferson county corporate event somewhat challenging.

    ​Here are some other names for porta-potty’s that can be very similar but sometimes are a different format for the same function:

    • Portable Restrooms
    • Portable Toilets
    • Mobile bathrooms
    • Porta John
    • Contractor Pot
    • WC (Water Closet) Used in Europe

    What to Consider When Renting Porta-Potties and Other Portable Sanitation Equipment

    There are several considerations you have to make when renting porta-potties and other portable sanitation equipment for your Fishers, IN event:

    • What type of equipment do you need?
      Traditional one stall porta-potty? mobile restroom trailer with flushable toilets and sinks? Portable handwashing stations? Handicap capable porta potty?
    • How many pieces of equipment should you rent?
      ​We can help you plan for your event needs based on our experience. We’ll work with your budget to maximize the coverage for the event and the number of people expected, how long it will last, and whether food or drink will be served.
    • What location is best for the equipment?
      The porta-potties, mobile restroom trailers, and hand-washing stations should be located on a level, paved location if at all possible.  Although they should be convenient for event guests, they should also be out of the way.  We can help you plan for that and confirm your site selection.
    • What are the safety procedures for the equipment?
      Safety starts with cleanliness when it comes to porta-potties and other sanitation equipment.  Safety also includes site location and when required, safety around water lines and electrical lines.  We include this safety equipment in your rental fee.

    Factors Impacting Your Porta-Potty Rental Budget

    Many variables could impact the ultimate cost of your porta-potty rentals:

    • Which equipment you rent
      From a cost for the basic porta-potty in the mid to high two figures, all the way up to the highest level of luxury portable toilets with electricity and water that rivals hotel room facilities in the mid to high three figures is possible.
    • How many units you rent
      We offer a discount for higher volume rentals. Call us now for a free quote!
    • How far we have to drive to deliver to the event site from our equipment’s site
      ​We are happy to quote outside the Clark County, Indiana or Jefferson County, Kentucky area but we do most of our business in the Kentuckiana area of Jeffersonville, New Albany, and Louisville. If you are in a neighboring county, we’d be happy to provide a free quote. These areas include Scott County, Washington County, Floyd County, Harrison County, and Jefferson County in Indiana. We’ll be happy to work with Hanover College events, Ivy Tech, and Indiana University Southeast.
    • Length of time you will need the equipment for
      The daily rate is multiplied by the number of days of the rental or hours if for a partial day. Again, we offer discounts for longer-term rentals.
    • Number of times the equipment will need to be serviced during the rental
      It’s a matter of mathematics – the equipment can only hold so much. We need to empty and clean the equipment occasionally when the usage is high or over a prolonged duration. This allows your guests to have the best chance of a positive experience in our porta-potties. Monthly rentals usually include a weekly service as part of the price.
    • Any extra services needed
      Crowd control, signage, extra paper goods, or other hygiene products must also be considered in the budget. We’ll take care of porta-potties so you can take care of your event! We may even be able to help if you need a dumpster rental also.

    To help the quoting process, know how long you will need the rentals for, the time required, and a good idea of the site location.

    We’ll work with you to provide a reasonable costing porta-potty rental that provides clean facilities for your guests from a dependable vendor. Call Jeffersonville Porta-Potty Service today to get a free quote for your event at (812) 920-5333.

    It’s a “Dirty Job” – Here is what happens after the event

    Our business definitely qualifies for an episode of “Dirty Jobs” when it comes time for clean-up after events. To be very upfront, sometimes it can get pretty nasty. That’s why you hire us. We’ll take care of the mess.

    After an event, we bring special equipment and need to follow a specific checklist to make sure we keep our workers and future guests as safe as possible. To summarize, the process goes like this:

    • The waste collected in the storage bin beneath the toilet is vacuumed out using a specialized truck with a containment tank.
    • The truck takes the waste to a local wastewater treatment facility to properly handle it.
    • We then fill the tank with a solution that keeps odors and bacteria at bay until a full cleaning can occur.
    • The equipment is then returned to our facility where our staff scrubs down the urinals and toilets as well as the walls, floors and sinks (when included).

    If this sounds like the career you want, please get in touch with us – we pay well for those who can do this well!